The There/There is Already Here

Established in 1910, the Rock Drill site was home to the Denver Rock Drill Manufacturing Company. The company was best known for producing a line of pneumatic rock drills known as “Waugh” drills, which were commonly used in mining operations worldwide in the first half of the 20th century. From 1910 to 1961, the company continued to expand and add new facilities to the site. At its peak, the manufacturing plant occupied nearly two city blocks and employed more than 600 workers. The property was purchased by the Mentor Corporation in the 1970s and was occupied by the Butler Fixture & Manufacturing Co. until its bankruptcy in 1988. The Weiss family purchased the property in 1992. Since that time, the buildings have primarily been used as warehouses.

OliverBuchananGroup, in partnership with the Weiss family and the Denver-based design team, is re-envisioning the Denver Rock Drill site. A carefully formulated, strategic development plan with a strong vision and commitment to retain and integrate existing architecture into the project plan will provide the surrounding community with an iconic, nationally recognized mixed-use development for the greater Denver community.

The 38th & Blake Station connects the site and community to the City’s transit network and Denver International Airport offering an extraordinary opportunity to attract local, regional, and national visitors. 

Upon completion, the project will engage the 39th Avenue Greenway to further transform the Denver Rock Drill site into a destination for the neighborhood, city, and region.