Advancing the Traditions of Great Placemaking with Emotional Connection

OliverBuchananGroup (OBG) grew from its roots in OliverMcMillan an internationally-renowned development firm acquired by Brookfield Properties in 2018. In its storied 42-year history, OliverMcMillan was grounded in making special places happen, transforming $4.0 billion in assets into unique, special places over its forty plus years.

OliverBuchananGroup is guided by a vision to develop refined, sustainable and memorable destinations using a unique blend of sophistication, bold design and intimacy. The essence of OliverBuchananGroup is to deliver a contemporary experience built on years of design expertise guided by strategy, market intelligence, rigorous planning and contemporary thinking. We partner with visionaries who have the courage, will and creativity to redefine the categories in which they compete. Creating deep emotional connection with the users of our assets will always be key.

OBG embodies the values that create successful places and partnerships as they advance the traditions of great placemaking. With an expanding real estate portfolio that includes unique mix of retail, entertainment, office, hotel and residential projects throughout the United States, OliverBuchananGroup believes in always respecting the surrounding architectural integrity and local history by designing mixed-use and residential projects that revitalize communities, creating invaluable experiences that will be the classic neighborhoods of tomorrow. Authenticity will be a key guiding force for OBG projects.